All too often, we take our health for granted and then something happens.

Has your doctor told you that all your tests are normal but you still don’t feel well?

It’s time to take a fresh look at the way your health is managed – to take back control and get back to how you should feel.

Issues we commonly see:

Fatigue and unexplained illnesses

Cancer, Intravenous Vitamin C and IV nutrient therapy

Depression and anxiety

Brain fog

Gut issues – Irritable bowel syndrome, Inflammatory bowel disease


ADD, ADHD, Autism, Learning disabilities

Specific Nutritional Advice (GAPS, SCD, Weight loss, Paleo etc)

Health and Life coaching


endometriosis, period pain, PMT and infertility

Auto immune diseases

How we are different from other doctors

Holistic Health Care

It is impossible for one person to provide truly holistic care

Our aim is to provide as holistic a care as is humanly possible. We’ve evaluated lots of different therapies and the ones that we use are constantly evolving as new knowledge comes to hand. Our strength lies in never accepting that people’s ill health are a lost cause. There is a reason that you have all of these symptoms, and the better that we understand this, the better chance you have of being healed.


We use our expertise in general medicine, applied kinesiology, acupuncture (treating musculoskeletal disorders only), nutrition, toxicology, sports medicine and stress management to help you to get better.


You should notice improvements within a few months.

Skill set

We have a wide skill set that differs from normal doctors . We are constantly doing research which is driven by our desire to help as many people as possible with difficult problems. Louise, Kate and I have differing perspectives and skills that we can combine to help you

Phillipa Gray Para-Olympian Gold Medallist (for others, see under Testimonials)

Contact us

240 Borman Rd
Hamilton 3210
NB: There are 2 Borman Rd’s and they do not meet. Please use the one off Resolution Drive if you are coming from Hamilton West (Te Rapa) or off Moonlight Drive if you are coming from Hamilton East

07 8558592
0800 377 838

07 8558576

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